Real Madrid Eyes Lille’s Leny Loro for Center-Back Position


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Real Madrid has been considering moving up the signing of a central defender by a year, with 18-year-old Leny Yoro from Lille at the top of their list. The original plan was to make the move in the summer of 2025, but injuries, uncertainties about recoveries, and the expiration of Nacho’s contract have prompted the club to start searching for a new center back.

The club has made initial approaches for Yoro, but the price set by Lille, which is close to $64.5m, is considered expensive. Atletico Madrid’s late equalizer against Real Madrid has sparked criticism about the squad’s composition, particularly in defense after injuries to Eder Militao and David Alaba.

Real Madrid believes in investing in young talent for the long term, and Yoro fits perfectly into this strategy. Reports from the club’s sporting management speak highly of Yoro’s potential as a central defender and his ability to play at right-back. However, the high price that Lille is asking for a young defender is a concern for Real Madrid.

Yoro has already played 32 games in the French first division and is a starter for Lille. He is also a key player for the U21 national team and is expected to make the leap to the senior team soon. His value on Transfermarkt is $26m, and he is considered one of the young center-backs with the greatest potential.

Real Madrid remains cautious and is waiting for the right opportunity to make a move for Yoro. The reports on his potential are promising, but for now, Lille is not in agreement with Jorge Mendes, the agent representing Yoro, who does not have the best relations with Real Madrid.

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