Read Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 89 for Free in Spanish

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89, ‘A Rival Appears!’ now available for free on Manga Plus

The much-awaited 89th chapter of the popular manga series, Dragon Ball Super, is now available for free through Manga Plus platform. Titled ‘A Rival be appears’, the chapter promises to turn the current story upside down, unravelling the mystery of how the teenage Goten and Trunks play a role in it.

Manga Plus, a platform of Shueisha, is offering the first three chapters of the series and the last three for free. It can be accessed through its web browser or mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

The episode, available in full Spanish, is the conclusion of the Granola arc. Fans now await the release of the 90th chapter which is scheduled to release on February 20 at 4 PM CET. It is expected that Dragon Ball Super’s last great adventure, helmed by Akira Toriyama and Toyoraro, will be simulataneously released in all regions including Japan.

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