RATP Launches Unprecedented Recruitment Campaign for 2024 Olympic Games

Olympic Games 2024: RATP launches an “unprecedented” recruitment campaign

The RATP, the public establishment of Ile-de-France, announced on Monday February 20 its plan to recruit 6,600 people by 2023 in order to meet the demand of the upcoming Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games. This recruitment campaign is a record for the RATP, with 4,900 people to be hired on a permanent basis. This includes 2,700 bus drivers, nearly double the number from last year, 400 metro drivers and 700 station and station agents. Maintenance is also given special attention, with 400 vacancies.

The RATP network has been struggling over the last four months of 2022, with one bus in four not running and between 10 and 20% of the metro offer not carried out. In order to ensure the expected offer on the networks and to prepare for the major events to come, the RATP is taking this unprecedented step to recruit 6,600 people. With this recruitment campaign, the RATP is looking to ensure the smooth running of the Olympic Games and other major events.

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