Rapper Drake’s Gold PSP Valued at $19,000

Drake’s new Music video showcases Gold-Plated PSP

Drake has dropped a new music video, “Jumbotron Shit Poppin”, that looks like a scene from the “Uncut Diamonds” film. The most talked about item in the video is the gold-plated PSP owned by Pharrell Williams.

The console was customised by Pharrell back in 2008 when he replaced the white plastic casing with a 14-karat gold coating that made it 660 grams. Surprisingly, Pharrell managed to make sure that the device still kept working like a charm.

Drake apparently sent Pharrell several million dollars for his collection and the PSP was valued at $19,375. The device was seen in the video at 50 and 89th seconds. Drake appears wearing and flaunting other items of Pharrell’s jewelry in the video.

In an industry where we’ve already seen a $14,000 gold and diamond Dualshock 4 and 99 dollar golden avatars on the Playstation Store, this gold-plated PSP is nothing less than expected.

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