Ralph Macchio Confirms Details About His ‘Cobra Kai’ Stunt Double

**Ralph Macchio Puts An End To All Doubts- Does He Know Karate In Real Life?**

After over four decades, the actor Ralph Macchio, who ruled our screens with his terrific performances as Daniel LaRusso in Netflix’s revolutionary series, Cobra Kai and The Karate Kid saga, cleared a great doubt of all the fans- does he know karate in real life or does he use stunt doubles?

In an interview, Daniel Macchio admitted that he actually does possess the knowledge of karate. He was trained in Goju-ryu, a classical Okinawan karate style by Pat Johnson, who acted as the referee in the final tournament scene of The Karate Kid. He further added that he feels confident enough to do the stunts himself, even though he did sustain some injuries only a couple of times.

This knowledge acquired during that time is still with him and he is glad to have been able to use it in the Netflix series Cobra Kai, where he uses stunt doubles very rarely. Being a part of such an extraordinary series, his immense knowledge as well as his undying passion for karate has impressed every fan.

With the sixth season of Cobra Kai currently awaiting approval and the story between Daniel LaRusso and Johny Lawrence taking an unexpected turn, fans have more than each to be excited about and the revelation only managed to add to the thrill of the whole series.

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