Rafa Márquez has numerous choices for FC Barcelona’s new Technical Director


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Rafa Márquez is hoping to be chosen to lead the team he loves, FC Barcelona. The club will be without a technical director after the 2023-2024 season, following Xavi Hernández’s statements about losing the Spanish Super Cup, the Copa del Rey, and not winning the Spanish League. President Joan Laporta revealed that there is a list of possible candidates to replace Xavi Hernández, including Rafa Márquez, who is one of the candidates to take over the first team.

In an interview with the Spanish radio station RAC1, Laporta assured that the technical director of Barcelona Athletic is not completely ruled out, so he may be considered in the end. Despite Xavi’s resignation, Rafa Márquez may be one of the members who leaves the club, as his contract with Barcelona Athletic ends next June. It is expected that the Mexican, at least if he is not chosen, will be renewed.

One of Rafa Márquez’s rivals for the position is Pep Guardiola, who has ruled himself out to replace Xavi Hernández as the first team strategist at FC Barcelona. Guardiola stated, “Here (Manchester City) I have everything a coach dreams of. Absolutely everything. We changed many players in these seven years and I always had support. The board has always supported me, the players, a good atmosphere. I feel good, I know that at some point it will end, but I think it won’t be right now.”

It remains to be seen who will ultimately be chosen to lead FC Barcelona, but Rafa Márquez is hopeful that he will be given the opportunity to take on the role. Only time will tell what the future holds for the club and its leadership.

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