Quitting My Daily 9-Year Marijuana Habit: A Candid Account of the Experience


Model and Content Creator Opens Up About Marijuana Addiction

Suede Brooks, a 22-year-old model and content creator, has opened up about the withdrawal symptoms she experienced after quitting marijuana. In a viral TikTok, Brooks claimed that she had been smoking a pound of weed every three months and had smoked every day for nine years.

For the first week of her sobriety, Brooks claimed that she experienced cold sweats, disrupted sleep, and vomiting. However, since quitting, Brooks has noticed significant physical and emotional changes. She now feels more confident, energetic, and inspired to make content.

Brooks has over 1.3 million TikTok followers, and thousands of them have shown their support for her. Many have related to her experience and found it relatable.

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Research has shown that around three in ten people who smoke pot have marijuana use disorder. Brooks’ addiction had become high maintenance, costing her a lot of money. On average, a pound of marijuana in early 2023 cost around $1,300, although this depends on the location and type of weed.

Brooks made the joint decision with her best bud to get sober, and the decision has helped her immensely. She has been transparent about her addiction, and her story has inspired people to share their own experiences. Many of her followers have found her honesty refreshing and have praised her for being brave enough to share her story.
Source: nypost.com

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