Qantas Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Sydney After Distress Signal

Qantas Plane Lands Safely after Distress Signal Issued

A Quantas plane, Boeing 737-838, made a safe landing at Sydney Airport about an hour after a “mayday” alert was issued due to engine failure.

According to Flight Radar website, the QF 144 plane which was travelling from Auckland to Sydney arrived at 4:26 AM, four minutes before the expected time.

A Quantas spokesman explained to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper that the emergency services were on standby to attend to any possible emergencies while the plane was flying over the sea.

The alert signal was lowered shortly after, but the emergency services prepared accordingly to take necessary actions in case of an emergency.

The plane safely landed at the Sydney Airport and luckily, no further action was taken by the emergency services.

The Republic Agency of Agencies (EFE) have reported further details about the incident.

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