Qantas Experiences Third Technical Failure in Three Days During Flight

Qantas Airlines plane experiences technical problem and returns to departure airport

On Friday, January 20, 2023, Flight QF430 from Tullamarine International Airport in Melbourne had to return just 10 minutes after take-off due to a “minor” engine problem. This is the third aircraft mishap in three days for Australian carrier Qantas Airlines.

According to a statement from the airline, published by the local AAP agency, the Boeing 737 returned to Melbourne as a “precautionary measure” after pilots were alerted to a “minor” engine problem. After landing the aircraft normally, it was found that both engines remained operational during the flight.

This is the third incident with an Australian airline plane in the last three days. On Tuesday, pilots of a different Boeing 737-838 from New Zealand to Sydney to send an emergency warning due to the failure of one of the two engines. Emergency services were carefully deployed, despite the plane landing without major complications.

The following day, another plane, a Boeing 738, had to make an emergency return to Sydney during a flight to Fiji due to “an indication of a potential mechanical problem”, according to a spokesman for Qantas Airlines.

Qantas Airlines is the largest airline in Australia.

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