Putin Warns Nazi Crimes Do Not Prescribe on Holocaust Day

Putin Warns Nazi Crimes Do Not Prescribe on Holocaust Day

Russia against oblivion of Nazi crimes, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin described Nazi crimes against Jews as a “common pain” and assured that his country “is categorically against the oblivion” of these facts, he said during a meeting with Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar and the president of the Federation of Russian Jewish Communities, Alexander Borodoi.

Putin assured that the “majority of Jews exterminated by the Nazis were citizens of the Soviet Union” and highlighted that Russia is committed to never let anything like this happen again, “we practice a policy so that nothing like this happens again in the history of mankind”.

The Russian President has underlined that the Prosecutor’s Office continues to investigate crimes committed throughout the USSR and does “everything possible to ensure” that this is supported at the international level.

The initiative comes after Germany shipped Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, something which led the Russian ambassador to Germany, Sergei Nechaev, to accuse Berlin of definitively renouncing its “historical responsibility” before the Second World War. Nechaev added that the German government leaves aside “the difficult path of reconciliation between Russians and Germans during the postwar period”.

To conclude, Chief Rabbi Lazar expressed that ” We all know that we are children of one God and our desire is that all children live in brotherhood, mutual understanding and friendship, so that they truly respect each other”.

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