Putin Establishes Rehabilitation Center for Wounded Soldiers in Ukraine

Putin ordered Russian support system for military men and their families after fighting in Ukraine

In response to the latest news of wounded servicemen in the fighting in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Kremlin’s Executive headed by Mikhail Mishustin and the governors of Russian regions to set up a center of support system for servicemen and their families.

The center will particularly be responsible for providing medicines, rehabilitation and social reintegration, including the training of soldiers whose health was affected by the campaign. Furthermore, Putin also ordered the establishment of an accompaniment system aimed at soldiers and members of their families, detailed in the list of instructions released by Kremlin after the meeting of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights.

Although the exact number of wounded soldiers in the conflict has not been released by the Russian Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s daily tally of Russian battlefield deaths estimated 114,130 “liquidated” Russian soldiers in Ukraine since February 24.

In addition, Putin also directed the Defence and Health ministries and the Russian-imposed authorities in the areas of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson in Ukraine to come up with ideas for excluding prosthetists and other speciality doctors from the partial mobilisation decree from September.

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