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Putin Demands End to Heightened Arms Deliveries to Ukraine

Putin Demands End to Heightened Arms Deliveries to Ukraine

Russia’s President Putin accuses Ukraine of ‘Destructive’ Policies in Phone Conversation with Erdogan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin exchanged words with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday (01.16.2023). In a conversation to which the Kremlin reported, Putin accused the Kyev government of implementing a “destructive” strategy, boosted by arms deliveries from its Western allies.

The Kremlin said Putin “pointed out the destructive strategy of the Kyev regime, intensified by the support of its Western partners, who are steadily increasing their supplies of weapons and military equipment”.

The same Monday, Russia’s presidency warned Ukraine that the UK-ordered Challenger 2 tanks, due to arrive in Kyev shortly, “will be burnt” like the rest of the Western weapons sent to the country.

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The meeting also covered the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine – mainly wounded civilians – to which Ukraine had previously denied the Christmas ceasefire proposition.

On the other hand, Erdogan pledged Turkey’s offer to mediate and facilitate “a lasting peace between Russia and Ukraine”, as stated in a Turkish Presidency’s statement.

The relationship between Russia and Turkey was also discussed, with topics such as the creation of a gas distribution center in Turkey and the export of Ukrainian grain and Russian fertilizers.

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