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Pundit’s Reaction to West Ham-Linked Will Still as Potential England Boss Creates Waves

Pundit’s Reaction to West Ham-Linked Will Still as Potential England Boss Creates Waves

Tony Cascarino praises West Ham United-linked manager

Former footballer Tony Cascarino has recently spoken about Will Still, the manager of Stade de Reims and a possible candidate for the West Ham United manager job. Despite his impressive record for the French team, Cascarino believes Still is “a long way off” from the England job.

Still’s accomplishments with Stade de Reims

Since taking charge of Stade de Reims prior to the 2022 World Cup, Still has done a remarkable job in taking them to an unbeaten Ligue 1 run of 18 games. However, that run was eventually ended by Marseille before the international break. Still’s achievements have led some to consider him for the vacant West Ham United manager job, but Reims’ president wants him to stay.

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Cascarino’s comments on Still

When the question of replacing England boss Gareth Southgate with Still was raised, Cascarino brushed it off, saying it was “a long way off”. He praised Still, saying he had “done brilliantly” in France, but believes he has more to achieve before he is ready for a job as demanding as managing the England team.

Moyes under pressure at West Ham United

The pressure is mounting on current West Ham United boss David Moyes, following a big-spending summer that has put the team at risk of relegation. The Hammers are still in Europe, and winning the European Conference League could be the key to salvaging their season and Moyes’ job.

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Will Still is certainly an upcoming name in football, and his accomplishments at Stade de Reims have not gone unnoticed. However, it is clear that he still has some way to go before he is considered for high-profile jobs such as managing the England team. Moyes will need to focus on winning the European Conference League if he hopes to save his job at West Ham United.
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