PTI rejects coalition talks, vows to stay in opposition if not elected


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The president of the Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI), Gohar Ali Jan, has stated that the party will not engage in negotiations for a coalition government in Pakistan. Instead, they plan to continue as the major opposition representation in the country, as they have achieved the greatest number of seats in Thursday’s general elections, according to almost final results.

The lawyer of the imprisoned party leader and former prime minister Imran Jan, explained that the PTI does not feel “comfortable” with either of the two leading formations voted in the elections – the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz, led by the political nemesis of the former president, Nawaz Sharif, or the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) of former Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto.

The president of the PTI, whose party has won approximately a hundred seats, assured that no representative of the party “will talk to anyone to form a government or to form a coalition government” because “For that it is better to stay in the opposition.”

The president of the PTI had denounced hours before that at least 50 seats had been fraudulently taken from the party and announced the taking of measures to claim what he considers a fair victory.

The office of the president of the PML-N and brother of Nawaz, Shehbaz Sharif, has announced the beginning of formal government talks with the PPP, with whom he has agreed “in principle to save the country from instability” despite the fact that the two parties together are also quite far from the 170 seats that are needed.

After a meeting of their leaders in Lahore, “both have agreed to cooperate at the political level, and after discussing in detail the situation in the country, to return the aforementioned stability to the country.”

“The majority of the people have given us a mandate, we will not disappoint the people,” said the presidency of the League, which hopes to formally announce the alliance this Monday with the intention of attracting the rest of the parties that were part of the so-called Democratic Movement of Pakistan, the “grand coalition” that ousted former Prime Minister Jan from power in April 2022.

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