Psychologist Utilizes Mind to Play Elden Ring

Twitch Streamer Connects Brain Activity to Elden Ring Abilities

Twitch streamer Perrikaryal has taken her gaming to a whole new level with her recent invention. Using electroencephalography equipment, Perri has linked the activity of various parts of her brain to specific Elden Ring abilities so that she can use her thoughts to command the game.

The madness surrounding Elden Ring shows no limits, with this new invention following the footsteps of Let Me Solo Her – the naked guy who helped every player get past Malenia – and players recording themselves with dance mats to the Geo Guesser of the Middle Lands.

Using this device, Perrikaryal can cast spells and heal with a mere thought. Perri confesses that it has taken her numerous hours to perfect each action and fans of the game fear the potential headaches and migraines that can come from commanding it.

Many of the fans of the game have also compared her to Professor Xavier from the X-Men and memes have been created. Perri believes that the future of video games goes through something like this, linking different brain activities to the different abilities of each game, such as Elden Ring.

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