PSOE and Junts reach agreement on terrorism amnesty law amendment


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The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, recently had a discussion with Junts spokesperson in Congress, Míriam Nogueras. The PSOE and Junts have reached an agreement on an amendment to the amnesty law regarding the treatment of terrorism crimes. Nogueras revealed that they have made agreements with the PSOE and other forces such as ERC to negotiate some amendments, including a modification to the question regarding terrorism in the amnesty law. If more amendments cannot be agreed upon, Junts will wait until the day of the vote on the law to negotiate.

The agreement with the PSOE involves modifying article 2 of the bill of amnesty to exclude terrorist crimes punishable in the Penal Code that are included in Directive 2017/541 of the European Parliament and the Council. The exclusion will be effective only if the crimes have caused serious violations of human rights, particularly those related to the right to life and prohibition of torture. This addition could further protect Carles Puigdemont in his involvement in the Tsunami Democràtic case, where he is investigated for terrorism crimes, like Marta Rovira.

The agreement also includes the modification of article 4, which in turn modifies the explanatory memorandum. The new articulating text would add the lifting of precautionary measures of a personal or real nature that had been adopted for actions or omissions within the scope of the amnesty law, except for those of a civil nature referred to in article 8.2. It also clarifies and specifies what was already agreed in the last wording, in reference to the completion of disqualification sentences and fines.

The explanatory statement adds several paragraphs to include what is included in the new modifications, establishing that the judicial bodies must immediately finalize the restrictive measures of rights that have been adopted, “even in those cases in which a possible suspension of judicial proceedings.”

Jurists from different parties have participated in the drafting of these “technical amendments” (PSOE, Sumar, ERC, Bildu, Junts and Podemos), and they go deeper into those approved last week to provide them with more “clarity” and “legal certainty,” say the socialists. They assure that with these latest changes a “decisive step” is taken in political and legal work that will contribute to “coexistence” and the opening of a new political stage in Catalonia. “An impeccable amnesty law is guaranteed, solid from a technical point of view and absolutely in accordance with the Spanish Constitution and EU Law,” the PSOE point out.

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