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Provisional freedom for the two socialists investigated in Mojácar for buying votes

He number 2 on the PSOE list in Mojácar, Francisco Bartolomé Flores, and the independent entrepreneur Christopher Vizcaino, who competes in the socialist candidacy with the number 5, have been provisionally released this Friday. The owner of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 4 of Vera (Almería)which instructs the criminal case for the alleged buying votes in the municipality, has made this decision late this Friday.

They have also remained inibertad provisional the other four investigated -three of them from latin american origin– For an alleged electoral crime, and without precautionary measures except one of themwhich responds to the initials RC, to whom the prohibition to leave the national territory. The six have accepted their right to not declareas reported by the TSJA.

The same sources have indicated that the secrecy decreed on the proceedings is expected to be lifted “shortly”, which began “a month ago” as a result of a complaint that was presented by the mayoress, Rosa María Cano (PP), to which “a private citizen had attended.”

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The judge already decreed the same thing late on Thursday for the former councilor of the now extinct Andalusian Party (PA) Pedro Montoya, who was also arrested in the framework of the operation carried out by agents of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard that allowed in a dozen house searches the confiscation of abundant documentation and high amounts of cash.

Among those intervened in the action that exploded on Wednesday and contributed to the cause, there would be more than 200 votes by mailwhose owners have been called to testify in dependencies of the Vera Local Police as witnesses in the last 48 hours. Flores y biscayne contested for the first time in the municipal elections as members of the list of the Mojaquero PSOEalthough the first of them, the only one of the two that is militant, is son of a former mayor and former socialist senator.


For the person under investigation who was released without precautionary measures this Thursday after taking his statement, the former councilor of the PA in the Mojácar Town Hall Pedro Montoya, The action taken by the authorities when carrying out the arrests has been disproportionate, especially when facing the end of the campaign.

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«we are a scapegoateverything is very suspicious because previous complaints were never investigated and what a coincidence that now, when they have everything to lose the Mayor’s Office -in reference to the PP- three days before a police operation is deployed that I think not even in the times of ETA» , has stated in statements to TVE.

Montoya He has assured that he had “PSOE programs and envelopes” in his house because “we do door to door” within the framework of a “totally transparent” campaign, which is why it has made it ugly that in police interventions have “destroyed homes” and “broken walls”. “The door of an 87-year-old disabled woman was broken down, she was scared, something incredible,” he lamented.

The person investigated has indicated that throughout these two days they have been called to testify about 250 witnesses to those who have been asked about the meaning of their vote, the reason why they have voted for a certain party and why they have done so by mail.

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In this sense, it has ensured that it has “recordings” and “reliable evidence” that he would have made available to the judicial authority and the Civil Guard in which people would say “explicitly that they are going in the name of Rosa María – in reference to the mayoress, Rosa Maria Cano– and that they offer economic remuneration in exchange for the vote.

“They have nothing against me”Montoya has insisted, for whom there has been a “comparative grievance” in terms of the processing of complaints, since he believes that having arrived with the rest of the six arrested “up to the legal limit of one detention” seems to him “an abuse of authority and nonsense.”

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