Protests in Peru Lead to Food Shortages in Some Areas

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Peruvian Baby Dead in Cuzco Following Protests, Death Toll Reaches 63
The Peruvian Ombudsman’s Office has confirmed the death of a one-year-old baby in Cuzco due to events related to the road blockade caused by anti-government protests. This brings the death toll to 63 since the social outbreak began in December.

The protests were sparked by President Martin Vizcarra’s decision to dissolve Peru’s Congress and reinstate a new one. The protests had intensified earlier this week, with citizens blocking major roads connecting the southern city of Cusco with the capital city of Lima, holding sit-ins and causing disruption to the nation’s transportation system.

The Ombudsman’s Office said that the baby, who was a few months old, had died in an ambulance on its way to the regional hospital. The death has caused an uproar among the citizens with many taking to the streets to demand justice and an end to the protests.

The presidential palace has issued a statement condemning the baby’s death and calling for the protesters to discontinue the protests in order to have a peaceful resolution to the crisis. It has also urged the government to investigate the incident and bring those responsible to book.

The police have stepped up their presence in Cusco and are working to clear the roads and restore normalcy in the region. The government has also urged all citizens to avoid confrontations and uphold the rule of law.

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