Protest in Milan Over Policy on Children of Homosexuals

In Milan, Italy, hundreds of people gathered in La Scala Square to protest against the recent government order to stop registering children in the Registry of homosexual couples born abroad. Organizations for LGBT rights called the decision discriminatory and are demanding that it be reversed. The Italian Ministry of the Interior ordered the Milan City Council to stop registering children born abroad as children of same-sex couples this week. The government’s decision is based on a 2004 law that only allows medically assisted procreation for couples made up of people of different sexes.

The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, expressed regret over the order, calling it a “clear step backwards from a political and social point of view.” In July 2022, Sala began to authorize the registration of the children of homosexual couples due to a legal vacuum. Nearly 300 families have been able to register their children as their own in the civil registry. The right-wing coalition that has governed the country since October rejected the “European Certificate of Paternity” proposed by the European Commission, including that of LGBTQ families, this week in a Senate committee.

The decision to prohibit registering children of homosexual couples born abroad has sparked outrage among many in the LGBT community. It is seen as discrimination and a regression in LGBT rights. The right-wing government’s decision to base its decision on a 2004 law only adds to the frustration and is seen as outdated. The mayor of Milan’s decision to authorize the registration of children of homosexual couples was a step in the right direction but was undone by the government’s order.

Discrimination against the LGBT community is a continuing issue globally. It is important to recognize and support the fight for equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The protests in Milan and the support of organizations for LGBT rights show that the community is not alone in its struggle for equality. It is important for governments to recognize the inherent rights of all citizens and work towards creating a more inclusive society.

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