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A group called “Take Our Border Back” recently made a stop in Dripping Springs, Texas, before heading to the border city of Eagle Pass to protest against immigrant crossings and federal government policies. The group plans to hold a peaceful assembly in Eagle Pass on February 3. The State of Texas recently took control of Shelby Park, a recreational area near the Rio Grande, where many migrants arrive after swimming across. The state plans to deploy National Guard soldiers and DPS agents, as well as more barriers, to address the crisis at the border.

The convoy is made up of protesters from across the country, traveling in trailers and other vehicles to various border points in California, Arizona, and Texas. Participants carry flags with the event’s logo, the logo of Donald Trump’s campaign, the U.S. flag, and crosses. Some also carry the Texas flag. Congressman Keith Self promoted the convoy on social media. The convoy is expected to leave Dripping Springs and head to Quemado before arriving in Eagle Pass.

Some groups have spoken out against the convoy, claiming it promotes anti-immigrant and dehumanizing rhetoric. They argue that the convoy’s message could lead to intolerance and violence towards immigrants and humanitarian groups. Domingo García, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), accused Governor Greg Abbott of encouraging extremists with an agenda of hate to come to Texas. LULAC condemned hate speech and actions that harm human life, especially those seeking refuge in the U.S.

The article also discusses the SB 4 law in Texas, which allows officers to arrest those suspected of being undocumented immigrants. The law has raised concerns about racial discrimination and conflicts with federal law regarding asylum seekers. Lawyer Raed González explains that the law cannot be applied retroactively, meaning it cannot be used against immigrants who have already crossed into Texas. The law also does not specify where it will be applied, raising concerns for immigrants in public places like schools, hospitals, and churches.

In conclusion, the “Take Our Border Back” convoy has sparked controversy and opposition from various groups. The convoy’s message and the implementation of the SB 4 law have raised concerns about intolerance, violence, and discrimination towards immigrants in Texas. The situation at the border remains a complex and contentious issue, with different perspectives and opinions on how to address it.

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