Protest Against SB 4 Law Criminalizing Immigrants Begins in Texas


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A group in Texas organized a protest against SB 4, a law that allows police to arrest undocumented immigrants and local judges to issue expulsion orders. The law has sparked a fight between the federal government and the state of Texas and was taken to federal courts for a decision. The Department of Justice calls it “unconstitutional,” while Governor Abbott assures that the state has the right to defend themselves.

The march against SB 4 began outside Austin City Hall and headed towards the Texas Capitol. Protesters held signs and chanted slogans against deportations and the criminalization of undocumented immigrants. Oscar Ponce, coordinator of the Coalition to Support Migrants in their New Advance, explained that the law not only targets undocumented immigrants but also affects citizens and legal residents.

Some members of the groups believe that the law may lead to discrimination and wrongful detention of people suspected of being immigrants. Chito Vela, councilor for District 4 of the city, expressed concerns about the potential impact of the law on the Latin American community in Austin. Religious groups also joined the protest against SB 4.

The SB 4 law creates new state-level crimes for people who immigrate to Texas, allowing local authorities to make arrests and charge individuals with misdemeanors or felonies. It also gives some local judges the power to order the removal of undocumented people. The law faces two main lawsuits, one from the Department of Justice and another from El Paso County and civil organizations.

Lawyer Raed González explained that the law cannot be applied retroactively and that it does not specify where in Texas it will be enforced. He also pointed out that SB 4 clashes with federal law, which allows people to seek asylum in the United States. The law has raised concerns about racial discrimination and the potential abuse of individuals’ rights.

The impact of SB 4 on immigration in Texas is a matter of great concern for many communities. The fight against the law continues as various groups and organizations seek to challenge its constitutionality and protect the rights of immigrants and residents in Texas.

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