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Prohens promises to eliminate the Inheritance Tax from parents to children in the first 100 days of Government

The president of the Popular Party of the Balearic Islands and candidate for the Government, Marga Prohenshas reiterated today, the last day of the campaign, what he announced in the first after proclaiming it for the last year: the elimination of the Inheritance and Donations Tax in the first hundred days of his Government. Elimination of Inheritance and Gift Tax between parents and children, grandchildren and grandparents and between spouses. Both by cause of death and in inheritances during life through succession agreements.

“Not one euro will be paid,” said Prohens. «We see it in all the towns, in all the neighbourhoods, it is always because of what we
people ask, who do not understand it, and they stop me and ask me: But will you really eliminate the Inheritance Tax? Yes, we will do it. And we will do it for a matter of justice, for a matter of conviction,” Prohens said.

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The president of PP and candidate for the Government has once again committed to implement this tax reform in the first hundred days of the next legislature, «Because we think that there can be nothing more unfair than having to pay for the work, effort and resignations of a lifetime of your parents and grandparents. There is nothing more unfair than, on the day that a loved one dies, the Government comes to the wake or funeral to put a hand, to see how much it touches.

“No, that must be over. I want to go out as president of the Government at the doors of the Consolat and announce that we have eliminated the Inheritance Tax. Going out to tell our parents and grandparents, an entire generation that has left their skin to leave us all a better future.

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For his part, the PP candidate for mayor of Palma, Jamie Martinez, He promises that he will put “the more than 30,000 empty homes in Palma” on the market in the face of the housing emergency suffered by citizens.

It is one of the measures that he has proposed this Friday in terms of housing, one of the main concerns of the people of Palma, as well as guaranteeing administrative simplification to reduce deadlines.

Martínez has lamented that the current situation is the fault of the first socialist mayor José Hila and of the left-wing policies, which have not been able to tackle the problem, the PP collects in a statement.

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«This has to be the housing legislature, where we will implement housing policies that really provide a solution to the housing crisis that we Palmasans are suffering. In the PP we have a housing plan that will be made compatible with a new law and with a decree of urgent measures,” said the popular candidate.

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