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How to Get a Judicial Record Certificate Online

In Peru, there are several important documents that are issued by various entities. These documents are related to changes in marital status, tax and immigration issues, and other important matters. One such document is the judicial record certificate, which provides information about a person’s confinement in a penitentiary establishment or any community work ordered by the judicial authority.

The judicial record certificate also includes details about entries and exits from the penitentiary system, testimonies from conviction, and registration of Judicial Resolutions. This document is often required for job applications, travel abroad, visa applications, letters of credit, and tuition. It is important to note that the certificate is valid for 90 calendar days from the date of issue.

To obtain a judicial record certificate, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled. If the applicant is a Peruvian national, they must present their DNI, while foreigners can use their immigration card, passport, or other identifying documents. A passport-sized photograph with a white background is required for foreign citizens who do not have an immigration card or Temporary Permanence Permit (PTP). If the procedure is carried out through a representative, a power of attorney is required.

The processing fee for the certificate is S/ 37.70 soles, and it can be paid at the Bank of the Nation. The certificate can be obtained either online or in person. To request the certificate online, applicants can visit the INPE website, where they can fill out the necessary details and make the payment. The certificate will then be sent to the designated email address.

For in-person requests, applicants can make the payment at any National Bank, Multired, or through, and then visit the assigned offices or MAC centers in their region to present the requirements. The certificate will be issued within 30 minutes, and if the procedure is “Observed,” the applicant must return within 3 business days.

There are certain restrictions for the issuance of the judicial records certificate. Peruvian citizens born abroad, foreign nationalized Peruvian citizens, foreign citizens without a Temporary Permanence Permit (PTP) or immigration card, and citizens confined in a penitentiary establishment are not eligible to obtain the certificate.

In conclusion, the judicial record certificate is an important document that is required for various purposes in Peru. By following the necessary steps and fulfilling the requirements, individuals can obtain this certificate either online or in person.

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