Prince Harry’s Memoirs Sell 1.4 Million Copies on First Day

Prince Harry’s Bestselling Memoir Causes Firestorm Among British Monarchy

Prince Harry’s shocking revelations about the British Monarchy in his memoir, “Spare”, have sold 1.4 million copies in the UK, US and Canada on the first day of publication, according to Penguin Random House on Thursday. The memoir, which could be devastating to the monarchy, has been translated into 15 languages and was released just four months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II and four months before the coronation of Charles III.

In the memoir, the Duke of Sussex paints a highly critical portrait of his family members and himself. He recounts his troubled adolescent years of drugs and alcohol. He also claims his brother, the crown prince, never liked his wife, former US actress Meghan Markle.

Buckingham Palace has not directly commented on the memoir, but anonymous royal sources told the UK press that the Windsors are unhappy.

However, the British people appear to side with the Palace’s less-than-favorable view of the Duke of Sussex. According to a recent YouGov survey conducted after the book’s publication, only 24% of Britons have a favorable opinion of Prince Harry. He and his wife have become even less popular than Prince Andrew, Charles III’s brother, who was removed from the monarchy because of a sex scandal. 41% of the British believe Harry’s main motivation for writing the memoir was for money.

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