Prince Harry reveals he killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan

Prince Henry of England, the youngest son of King Carlos III, has caused a great debate in the UK media with the recent revelation in his autobiography that he killed 25 Taliban when he served as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan in 2012-13. The book – titled ‘In the Shadow’ in Spanish and ‘Spare’ in English – is said to contain details of the Duke of Sussex’s military mission and his perspectives on his father’s marriage to now dead Princess Diana of Wales.

On the book’s first release on Friday, the British media began speculating whether the prince was justified in detailing his killing of 25 Taliban soldiers, as it would put soldiers still in service in danger. The UK tabloid ‘The Sun’ reported that such a professional disclosure had betrayed the British Army. However, according to excerpts of the book, Prince Henry claims that he was “justified in eliminating the bad”. He further mentions in his autobiography that he had considered the Taliban soldiers to be “chess pieces removed from the board”.

The book also talks of the Duke’s use of drugs as a teenager and his consulting with a woman “with powers”. Additionally, it alleges that King Carlos III joked to his youngest son, “Who knows if I am your real father?” due to rumours of Diana of Wales’ affair with the cavalry officer James Hewitt.

Triggered by the revelations, Prince William, the elder son of King Charles, is said to have physically attacked his younger brother in Kensington Palace in 2019. The article further claims that the now heir to the British throne had also described the Duchess of Sussex as “difficult”, “rude” and “rough”.

The autobiography, written by JR Moehringer based on Prince Henry’s storytelling, will be officially published next Tuesday, although some copies have already been put on sale by mistake in Spain.

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