Prince Harry Accuses Royal Family of Complicity in Meghan’s Pain

A bombshell report has recently come to light as Prince Harry accuses members of the royal family of being complicit in his wife Meghan’s anguish. In an interview aired Sunday, Harry said the royal family had allegedly formed an alliance with the British press in order to improve the public image of Queen consort Camilla. According to him, the ‘hierarchy’ and press connections had led to ‘bodies left in the street’.

Having released his memoir ‘Spare’ on Tuesday, Harry spoke widely about his battles with the media, his relationship with his brother, Prince William, and his in-laws, as well as the controversy surrounding the alleged racism he and Meghan had experienced in the Royal family.

The Duke of Sussex also revealed that his father, King Charles III, feels it is ‘suicide mission’ to change the press – an issue that he’s been actively fighting against throughout the family feud. He claimed pressure was always put upon his brother and Meghan, dividing them and trading information between their respective sides.

Accusing an unnamed family member of having doubts on the skin color of his unborn child with Meghan, the 38 year old insists that the Royal family isn’t racist but struggles with unconscious bias. Bringing attention to such matters, he believes it’s his ‘life’s work’ to bring about a change in the same.

Harry’s fiery TV interviews and memoir do seem to be taking its toll on the Royal family as legal battles are being launched and powerful accusations made. However, the Duke asserted his hopes for peace and reconciliation with his family provided that the ‘ball is in their court’. As of now, allies have pushed back on these claims but with this new reveal, it remains to be seen how the Buckingham Palace reacts in the coming days.

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