Prince Harry Accuses Camilla of ‘Dangerous’ Media Leaks

Prince Harry has revealed shocking details about his relationship with his family, particularly stepmother Camilla – the Queen Consort – in a new book ‘Spare’ which is set to be released tomorrow. In a series of interviews to promote the book, Harry has accused members of the royal family, including Camilla, of getting “into bed with the devil” to gain favorable tabloid coverage. He claims Camilla has been engaging in trading information with the media to improve her public image.

Harry further revealed how he was subjected to prejudice before meeting his wife Meghan Markle, and how during the pregnancy of their child, there were concerns within the royal family of the unborn baby’s skin color.

With this revelation, Harry has added fuel to an already troubled relationship with his family. He went on to blame the media for his and Meghan’s decision to quit their royal roles and move to California, and spoke of wanting to take on the press, describing it as his “life’s work”.

The prince also discussed his feelings about his father King Charles III’s 2005 wedding to Camilla, saying he felt like he had been ‘sacrificed’ on Camilla’s ‘public PR altar’.

The world is anxiously awaiting the release of ‘Spare’ as it is bound to provide insight into Harry’s struggles in the spotlight and unveil the secrets behind the royal family walls. Academician Arianne Chernock warns this may not be as damaging to the monarchy as people might think, as scandals are quite normal to the royal family.

Prince Harry’s highly anticipated memoir ‘Spare’, containing explosive revelations about his life as a royal as well as family feuds, is set to be released tomorrow. The book is sure to leave the global audience discussing difficult issues like misogyny and racism.

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