Pressure Mounts on Peru President Amid Growing Protests

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Calls for Investigation into Military’s Actions related to the Protests in the Country

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) requested this Friday to investigate the actions of the army, considering “excessive use of force” in the repression of the wave of protests that the country is experiencing.

According to the IACHR, there were indications that the Armed Forces were using force beyond international standards. The organization noted that the incidence of this could cause serious human rights violations.

The IACHR requested that the government be able to provide a prompt and independent investigation on the alleged facts and instructed the adoption of precautionary measures, such as the granting of measures to guarantee the safety of the protesters.

The organization also called on the authorities to take the necessary steps to ensure the right to freedom of expression of all those who take to the streets and to believe in the possibility of a peaceful process to resolve the current situation \in the country.

The collective call for clarity on the actions of the Armed Forces goes in line with the wave of protests that have erupted in the country in recent weeks, adding to the pressure on the government. There are still no concrete results from the commission’s call.

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