President Petro’s Worst Fear: War Breaks Out in South America


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Colombian President Gustavo Petro is deeply concerned about the growing tension between Venezuela and Guyana. This concern comes after the Nicolás Maduro regime claimed sovereignty over 159,542 kilometers of territory. President Petro has called on South American governments to form a mediation team to prevent a potential conflict.

Petro, who has close relations with Nicolás Maduro, issued a statement following the order of the Venezuelan regime to create the state of Guayana Esequiba. Maduro also announced the granting of Venezuelan nationality to all citizens of that territory, a decision made after a consultative referendum on December 3.

President Petro expressed his concern about the possibility of a war in South America, calling it a “disgrace.” He warned that any outbreak of war would be detrimental to the progress and lives of the people in the region.

For years, there has been an attempt to establish a conflict in South America. President Petro believes that reproducing the NATO/Russia conflict in the Amazon jungle would only result in the loss of vital time and lives. He emphasized the need to eradicate barbarism in South America.

The President of Guyana also sent a message to Petro, urging him to take the right side in the conflict with Venezuela. Meanwhile, Colombian President Iván Duque expressed his fury over Maduro’s decision to put opponents in Venezuela in jail, calling it a “cowardly, vile, lying, and infamous attitude.”

In light of these developments, President Petro is calling for a peaceful resolution to the growing tensions between Venezuela and Guyana. He believes that a conflict in the region would be detrimental to the progress and well-being of the people. Petro is urging South American governments to come together and form a mediation team to prevent any potential conflict.

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