President of Peru Invites Protesters to Open Dialogue

President of Peru Calls For Peaceful Protestors To Take Over Lima

On Tuesday, President of Peru Dina Boluarte proclaimed that she is expecting the protesters to come to the capital city of Lima to voice their agendas, while rejecting the protest marches.

The announcement was made during the opening act of the jurisdictional year of the Constitutional Court. Boluarte stated that demonstrations seek to take Lima this Wednesday and Thursday, according to the information circulating on social networks.

President Boluarte is requesting them to take over the city in peace, and can communicate with the Executive to discuss their Social agendas. Boluarte is against the idea of the protesters proposal to force her to resign from office and close Congress, as well as calling a constituent assembly.

Referring to the protests in the regions in the past month, Boluarte is asking the regional governor of Puno to work towards restoring the democracy, and avoid any bloodshed. She is calling out to all the citizens of Peru to expose their pending agendas and fight for justice peacefully.

So far, 41 protesters and one police officer have died in the clashes, and eight more people have lost their lives due to disruption in communication routes. President Boluarte promised to continue promoting a peaceful path for all Peruvians, and ensured that general elections in 2024 will be free and clear of any corruption.

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