PP urges Government to boost circular economy as Spain falls short of EU targets


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The vice-secretary of Sustainable Development of the PP, Paloma Martín, visited Ecoembes with the executive secretary of Biodiversity, Rafael García. During the visit, Martín expressed concern that Spain is falling short of the European Union’s objectives for circular economy. She emphasized the need for the government to provide more incentives and reduce taxes to promote recycling and reduce dependence on imported materials.

Martín highlighted that Spain’s proportion of recycled material is lower than the European average, and the country’s reliance on imported materials is as high as 43%. She urged the government to prioritize circular economy initiatives to prevent Spain from falling behind other European countries like Belgium and France.

The deputy secretary criticized the government’s Circular Economy PERTE, which allocated only 792 million euros for the entire country. She argued that the funding is insufficient to meet the recycling objectives set by Europe and to develop new waste treatment infrastructure.

Martín also expressed concerns about the implementation of a plastic tax, stating that it would have a significant social impact and increase the cost of waste management. She pointed out that Spain is the only European country to have implemented such a tax, which she believes reduces the competitiveness of Spanish companies.

In response, Martín called for improved coordination between state and regional legislation on waste management, emphasizing the need for co-governance with the Autonomous Communities to ensure the competitiveness of Spanish companies.

Despite her criticisms, Martín expressed gratitude to Ecoembes for their efforts in promoting recycling and sustainable waste management. She acknowledged the organization’s role in guiding citizens and companies towards a more environmentally friendly waste management system.

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