PP rejects Puigdemont’s pardon request, denies amnesty in less than 24 hours


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The PP has stated that they will not pardon former Catalan president and Junts leader, Carles Puigdemont, because he is still evading Spanish Justice and does not regret his actions in the ‘procés’. They have also mentioned that they considered supporting an amnesty for Catalan independentists but rejected it within 24 hours.

The PP’s reaction comes after reports that the party would consider a conditional pardon for Puigdemont if he were to be held accountable before Justice and renounce the referendum and the unilateral route. The leader of the ‘popular’, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, emphasized that the PP has always considered amnesty a red line for the party, contrasting it with Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE, which saw it as a political opportunity to remain in the Government.

PP sources have emphasized that they would never pardon someone accused of a crime who does not show remorse for their actions or a desire to make amends. They also mentioned that these conditions did not apply to the pardons of the ‘procés’, especially for those who have not yet been prosecuted for fleeing the country to escape Justice and the Spanish courts, indirectly referring to Puigdemont.

The ‘popular’ have defended their position against amnesty as “unconstitutional” and pardons as “unfair and arbitrary for those who challenged the State and would do it again.” They have also rejected negotiating impunity for votes and called the reconciliation defended by the President of the Government as “fictitious” and a result of political necessity.

The PP believes that their principles are safe from the demands of fugitives and convicts, and they have once again emphasized that they lead the opposition and not the Government. They have criticized the PSOE’s interest in trying to make it seem like all parties are equal, stating that they are not.

Overall, the PP has made it clear that they are against pardoning Puigdemont and have rejected the idea of amnesty for Catalan independentists. They believe in upholding their principles and leading the opposition without giving in to the demands of fugitives and convicts.

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