PP confused after ‘Génova’ focuses on Puigdemont pardon, fears impact on Galician campaign


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Several officials from the PP have expressed their confusion and disbelief at the fact that the national leadership of the PP is “entangled” with the pardon of former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont in the middle of the Galician campaign. Some fear that this “error” could have consequences on the strategy of the PP candidate, Alfonso Rueda, to revalidate the Xunta de Galicia. “These things would be better if they did not happen,” said a territorial PP official. “I haven’t understood it. We are in the middle of the campaign,” says another veteran party leader. “It is clear that it is better to talk about Marlaska and the countryside,” emphasizes a national deputy. “I am amazed and surprised,” summarizes one senator.

PP leaders have expressed their “perplexity” in response to the information collected by various media outlets that, according to PP sources, Feijóo would be open to a pardon for Puigdemont conditional on him being tried and rejecting the unilateral route. According to the same sources, the party would have studied the fit of a possible amnesty during the negotiations for Feijóo’s investiture, although it would have been ruled out in “24 hours.”

Feijóo tried this Sunday to settle the open crisis over the possible pardon for Puigdemont through statements to the media in Ferrol. “I’m going to be forceful enough: I have said no, I said no and I continue to say no to any amnesty.” Regarding the pardons, Feijóo has stressed that “not a single condition is met” to pardon the leaders of the ‘procés’, in line with the statement released last night by his party, while at the same time he has accused the Government of Pedro Sánchez of wanting to “mud up the campaign” of the Galician elections.

Several of the PP officials consulted do not understand that the party leadership has placed the possible pardon of Puigdemont at the epicenter of the debate and that it privately admits that it sees difficulties in proving that the former Catalan president committed terrorism because, as they allege, it is destroy the theses that Feijóo has been publicly defending in recent weeks. In fact, the confusion caused by this information that would represent a change in the PP’s position has caused some party leaders to wonder if everything was “a fake.”

Other PP sources have indicated that when they saw the headlines they thought that everything was a controlled explosion of information by the PP leadership given the possibility that Puigdemont had “caught” them. ‘Génova’ rejected a few months ago that there had been a negotiation with Junts and stressed that there was only “a coffee between councilors.” “What is clear is that talking to Junts was a book error,” says a national deputy of the PP.

This controversy over Puigdemont’s pardon occurs shortly after the former Catalan president said a few days ago that “everything will be known” and that if Junts had made Feijóo president “all this would not happen”, in the midst of the investigation opened by a possible crime of terrorism in the ‘Tsumami Democràtic’ case.

In the ranks of the PP they do not hide their concern to see what path this controversy will take in this last week of the electoral campaign in Galicia, where most polls agree that Alfonso Rueda will revalidate the absolute majority. Some of the sources consulted consider that this “error” could affect Rueda’s campaign, especially after seeing how the Government and Vox have not missed the opportunity to attack the PP and add more fuel to the fire.

The PP has directed its political action towards Barbate (Cádiz). Thus, the ‘popular’ have announced that they will request the disapproval of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, both in Congress and in the Senate for the management of the Security Forces and Corps (FCSE) as a result of what happened, in where two civil guards died and two were injured after a drug boat ran over their zodiac. Feijóo himself will travel this Monday to Barbate, where he will hold a meeting with unions and associations of the State Security Forces and Bodies in the Marina, as he himself announced at a rally in Outeiro de Rei (Lugo).

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