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Possible Wedding Bells: Piqué and Clara Chía Hint at Engagement with Ring Purchase Rumors

Possible Wedding Bells: Piqué and Clara Chía Hint at Engagement with Ring Purchase Rumors

Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chía have been making headlines lately as they publicly display their love. The Spanish media recently reported that the couple was seen in a jewelry store and questioned about a ring they had previously purchased. The popular couple visited the famous Rabat jewelry store, which is located in an important commercial area of Barcelona. Reports suggest that they were in the area where the luxurious brand Audemars Piguet displays its expensive watches.

There are speculations that Piqué and Chía purchased an engagement ring. The former soccer player and his partner ordered a few things, and at that moment, a local worker asked them about a ring that they had previously bought. Piqué reportedly said, “they were already fixing it,” indicating they were adjusting it to the size of Chía’s finger. This caused great expectation among the witnesses, as it was not clear whether the ring was an engagement ring or a gift that Piqué gave to his partner.

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However, this supposed engagement ring was not the only expensive gift Piqué gave to Chía. In April, it was revealed that he gave her a luxurious car that costs 220 thousand dollars. It is an Aston Marton DB9 Gt, which Chía was seen driving around the streets of Barcelona. In 2012, Piqué gave a similar gift to Shakira, a convertible Roadster from the Mercedes-Benz line valued at $62,000.

Despite Shakira’s attacks on the couple, it seems that Piqué and Chía are still going strong. Shakira has thrown harsh words against the couple through her most recent song ‘Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53.’ Additionally, last Valentine’s Day, she appeared mopping the floor and singing a song whose lyrics include “I could kill my ex.”

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However, Piqué and Chía are not letting Shakira’s words affect them. A few days after Valentine’s Day, the couple was caught watching a soccer match together. The former soccer player and his young girlfriend kissed passionately, while other friends were in the general stands.

Despite the passionate display, a Spanish show, ‘Socialité,’ revealed that the couple had an alleged disagreement just minutes before the game. It is said that Piqué was angry with Chía, as she kept trying to exploit a pimple on his neck by taking photos of it. However, in the end, Chía managed to “exploit” him, as they ended up kissing passionately before the eyes of the attendees.

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Piqué and Shakira announced their separation in June 2022. On January 25, the former athlete posted the first photo on Instagram next to Clara Chía, declaring his love for her to the world.



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