Possible leak of Death Stranding 2’s full name


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Hideo Kojima was expected to make an appearance at last year’s The Game Awards gala to reveal more details about Death Stranding 2. However, he did not talk about the sequel, leaving fans eagerly awaiting updates. The game’s presentation trailer indicates that “Death Stranding 2” is a provisional name, and a user known for leaking PlayStation Plus games has given it the name “Death Stranding 2 – On The Beach.”

Rumors and leaks about the game are always circulating, and it seems that new information about Death Stranding 2 will be released soon. The leaker has stated that fans will be able to see more of the game in about 15 days, although no specific date has been given. This information aligns with recent statements by journalist Jeff Grubb, who mentioned that a new State of Play event will be held very soon. It is speculated that this event could be where Kojima will reveal more details about his next game, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Death Stranding 2 was officially presented at The Game Awards 2022, and it is not the only game currently in Kojima’s hands. He also appeared at the gala to talk about OD, “an immersive experience halfway between a game and a movie.” Additionally, a film adaptation of Death Stranding is being developed with A24, but neither project has a release date.

Despite the lack of official updates, fans are eagerly anticipating more information about Death Stranding 2. The anticipation for Kojima’s next game continues to grow, and it is expected that new material will be released in the near future. As the gaming community eagerly awaits more details, it is clear that Death Stranding 2 has generated significant excitement and interest.

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