Portugal’s Patricia Sampaio Wins Grand Prix of Portugal 2023

The judoka Patricia Sampaio is the Portuguese heroine of the last day of the Grand Prix of Portugal 2023

The 2023 Portuguese Grand Prix in Almada, Portugal was a spectacular event for judo fans around the world. On the final day of the tournament, the stadium was filled with cheering spectators, eagerly awaiting the heavyweight spectacle.

The -90 kg match between Bulgarian Ivaylo Ivanov and Hungarian Christian Toth was one of the highlights of the day. After a tough fight, Ivanov emerged victorious, but the two athletes shared a moment of friendship and sportsmanship that was greatly appreciated by the audience.

The stadium erupted when Patricia Sampaio won the gold medal for Portugal in the -78 kg category. Sampaio had been determined to give the local crowd what they had come for, and she did not disappoint. The mayoress of Almada, Ines de Medeiros, presented her with the medal, and the crowd sang the national anthem in celebration.

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In -100 kg, Georgian Ilia Sulamanidze defeated the young Japanese Arai, cementing his place as world number one. At +78 kg, Kim Hyun was victorious over Rochelle Nunes, ending the Portuguese hopes of another gold.

The final gold medal of the day was won by Kim Minjong in the +100 kg category, giving Korea the top spot on the medal table. With two golds and one silver, the Portuguese team can consider this Grand Prix a great success. The judo family is already looking forward to returning to Almada next year.


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