Portugal Anticipates Findings of Hospitals’ Lethal Negligence

Fernando Fonseca Hospital in Portugal in Hot Water for Alleged Malpractices Resulting in 22 Deaths or Mutilations in 2022

Portugal’s Health Minister Marta Temido confirmed the Grave negligence reported at the Fernando Fonseca Hospital in Portugal, which includes reports of malpractices that supposedly caused 22 deaths or mutilations in 2022.

At an event in the Bragan├ža district, the Minister expressed “enormous confidence in the quality of the clinical provision of the vast majority of Portuguese doctors” and assured that the complaints are being followed with “Concern” and will be “seriously evaluated”.

The scandal was brought to light when the Portuguese weekly Expresso published the complaints of two surgeons from the hospital alleging malpractices. According to one of the complainant’s letter, the cases resulted in “necessary, avoidable mortality and mutilations, the result of patient care that does not coincide with the legis artis (professional procedures).

He added that the 22 most serious cases are in addition to “many others” who weren’t adequately treated, with examples such as a patient in his 60s dying due to blood transfusions and another patient undergoing surgery for a tumor suspected to not even exist.

In response, the hospital board of directors opened an investigation process and the Portuguese Health Regulatory Entity (ERS) and the General Inspection of Health Activities (IGAS) also begun investigations.

Minister Temido called for conclusion that would reassure public opinion of the matter as soon as possible.

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