Pope Urges Action Against Attack in Dnipro, Ukraine

Pope Francis Calls For Prayer After Missile Attack in Ukraine Kills Dozens of Civilians

Pope Francis has some harsh words for the missile attack that occurred in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro last Saturday, killing 44 people, including children. At the end of his general audience on Wednesday, the pope asked that people remember the tormented Ukraine in their prayers.

“Please, do not forget to pray for the tormented Ukraine, so in need of closeness, comfort and above all peace,” said the pope.

Francis recalled the tragedy, although he didn’t mention Dnipro itself and said, “last Saturday, a new missile attack claimed numerous civilian victims, including children. I express my heartbreaking pain to the relatives. The images and testimonies of this tragic episode are a strong appeal to all consciences. One cannot remain indifferent,” he added.

The National Police of Ukraine reported 44 fatalities from the impact of the Russian Kh-22 missile in a residential building in Dnipro, among them, 20 people are still missing. Four of the victims are children.

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