Pope Francis Expresses Concern Over “Political Crises” in Latin America

Pope Francis expressed his despair over the continuous political unrest in several countries of the American continent, with Brazil being at the centre of it. On Sunday, numerous Bolsonarists invaded the three of the country’s seats of power – Congress, presidential palace and the supreme court, vandalizing offices and breaking windows.

The Supreme Pontiff spoke on Monday about the worrying weakening of democracy in many parts of the world and urged for the end of the tensions and violence. Calling it “a burden of tensions and forms of violence that exacerbate social conflict,” he particularly spoke about Peru and Brazil, the last of which encountered the disruptions on Sunday itself.

President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva, who took charge a few months ago, condemned the perpetrators, promising to punish the coup plotters. He condemned the “acts of vandalism, which can never be tolerated,” while expressing his confidence that the authorities would take the appropriate action.

The Pope also called on everyone to make sure there is no further disruption and violence, protecting the rights and democracy of the nations and regions. He said, “We must guarantee authentic freedom of thought, dialogue and democracy.” (AFP)

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