Pope Francis cancels schedule due to fever


On May 26, 2023, Pope Francis canceled his scheduled agenda for the day due to a fever. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni confirmed the cancellation, citing the pontiff’s “feverish state.” No further information was provided regarding the canceled program.

Earlier in the week, on Thursday afternoon, the pope had attended an event for the Scholas Foundation with Latin American mayors and other dignitaries, and was reportedly in good health. However, due to his recent hospitalization in March for acute pneumonia, there was heightened concern for his wellbeing.

During his hospitalization, Pope Francis explained that he had been feeling unwell after an audience that left him with a high fever. He promptly sought treatment, which he confirmed had been successful. Despite his hospital stay, he continued his busy schedule, even during Holy Week.

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The news of the pontiff’s canceled agenda comes as a surprise to many, especially given his recent hospitalization. However, the Vatican has not shared any further details about his condition or the nature of his canceled program. With Pope Francis being the spiritual leader of over 1 billion Catholics worldwide, any health concerns raise significant attention and care. Many are hoping for a swift and full recovery for the much-loved pontiff.


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