Poor Struggling Schools Desperately Desire Their Own Sambadrome

Poor Struggling Schools Desperately Desire Their Own Sambadrome

Poor Sao Paulo Samba Schools Fighting for Sambadrome Dream

Poor samba schools of Sao Paulo have long been striving for the dream of performing in the Sambadrome during the Carnival celebration. Escolas de Samba, as these schools are termed, are the cornerstone of celebrating Brazil’s unique culture on a global platform.

Though some Brazilian cities decided to benefit from these schools and provide them their most desired Sambadrome, Sao Paulo is yet to provide the much-longed-for arena. The city’s mayor, Bruno Covas, clearly expressed he was in favor of the Sambadrome for escolas de samba, but later faced budget and other issues that seemed to stand in the way.

However, the mayor has expressed his feelings towards the matter. He said, “We are on a path. We are thinking of ways to make the sambadrome a reality in the city. As to the budget, we will discuss it. But we need to make sure that access to these sambas is enabled and preserved.”

Despite all this, the escolas are still waiting for their dream of performing in the Sambadrome to come true. Each composition of the music is carefully choreographed and planned to represent the culture of Brazil and its dance. Without a Sambadrome, it’s all much harder.

The dream of Sambadrome for Sao Paulo is a wish that the poor escolas are struggling for. The city authorities and residents must come forward to support the cause in order for the dedication and spirit of escolas de samba to flourish in the city.


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