Pontón (BNG) reaffirms rural commitments at Lalín Cocido Fair visit


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Ana Pontón, the BNG candidate for Xunta, visited the Feira do Cocido de Lalín in Pontevedra and emphasized her commitments to the agricultural sector ahead of the February 18 polls. She also participated in a demonstration in defense of public health in Santiago.

Pontón highlighted the importance of the Feira do Cocido as an emblematic fair that celebrates one of Galicia’s great culinary dishes. She also emphasized the wealth of the region’s gastronomy and the significance of the rural environment for the community.

She stressed the need for a government that supports and believes in the potential of rural areas, and is willing to work towards a better future. Pontón also addressed the discontent with the Xunta’s health management, particularly in rural areas, and called for a “rescue” of health services in these regions.

Pontón expressed concern over the closure of clinics and the lack of pediatricians in rural areas, and emphasized the need to reverse this situation. She also highlighted the BNG’s commitment to supporting producers, ensuring functionality of the land bank, and guaranteeing fair prices for agricultural products.

After the Compostela protest, Pontón reiterated the need for change and the impact of society’s mobilization on the nervousness accompanying the PP. She emphasized the desire for new marketing channels for products and better positioning in markets. Overall, Pontón’s visit to the Feira do Cocido and participation in the health demonstration underscored her commitment to the agricultural sector and the well-being of rural communities.

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