HomeNewsPolish Activist Sentenced for Involvement in Ukrainian Women's Abortions

Polish Activist Sentenced for Involvement in Ukrainian Women’s Abortions

Polish Activist Sentenced for Involvement in Ukrainian Women’s Abortions

Abortion Without Borders, which is an initiative of six organizations across Europe, has supported over 1,800 individuals in accessing pregnancy terminations since the Ukrainian war broke out just over a year ago. The organization provides information, support and access to abortion pills, especially for women who have to travel abroad for the procedure due to limited access to abortion in neighboring countries such as Poland. Amnesty International has recently called for the decriminalization of abortion in Poland, stating that the trial of pro-abortion activist Justina Widrzyńska is the first case in Europe of someone being accused of supplying abortion pills. The support of organizations like Abortion Without Borders and Women Help Women has been crucial in helping Ukrainian women during the war, as it is more difficult to access the procedure in the country once the 12-week gestation period has passed. Furthermore, Poland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, and the recent ruling by the Constitutional Court makes it even more difficult for women seeking terminations. The case of Justina Widrzyńska has brought to light the strict laws and disagreements between pro-abortion activists and Polish authorities, making it even harder for Ukrainian women to access treatment.

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