Police subdue and injure criminal planning shootout in Rímac


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A criminal was stopped by the police after attempting to carry out a shooting at a sports area in Rímac. The incident took place on Sunday, and was captured on video by Canal N. The attacker had threatened a group of young people who were participating in a sports championship, prompting neighbors to notify the local police station. The criminal then hid in a public bathroom.

In response to the threat, five police officers arrived at the scene and surrounded the toilets where the attacker was hiding. They ordered the individual to come out with his hands up, but he emerged with a gun in hand, ready to shoot. One of the officers then shot the criminal in the right leg in order to disarm him. The criminal only dropped his weapon when he was about to faint.

The incident took place at the Flor de Amancaes sports area, and the quick response of the police prevented a potential tragedy. The criminal, identified as Johnny Ayala Venancio, is 26 years old. The situation is still under development, and further details are expected to emerge.

In a separate incident, a businessman from San Juan de Lurigancho managed to escape from his captors after being kidnapped for a week. The businessman was able to disarm his captors and flee, bringing an end to his harrowing ordeal.

Image Source: www.infobae.com

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