Police chase ends in tragic death of woman


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A tragic incident occurred in San Antonio, Texas, when a woman named India Watson was fatally run over by a San Antonio Police patrol during a chase involving a teenager suspected of car theft. The suspect, identified as 17-year-old René Camarillo, along with another person, assaulted a woman and stole her purse and vehicle. The incident took place on the night of Friday, January 26, around 10:30 p.m. in the 300 block of WW White Street.

According to reports, the police were responding to an aggravated assault in which two suspects robbed a woman of her car at gunpoint. The suspects, described as wearing black hooded sweatshirts, took the victim’s car and purse. The vehicle was located via GPS and officers attempted to stop RenĂ© Camarillo, who was driving the car and managed to escape, leading to a chase. During the pursuit, the San Antonio Police patrol ran over the victim, India Watson, who tragically lost her life at the scene.

Following the incident, Camarillo was arrested and is facing multiple charges, including the charge for the death of India Watson. He is currently in prison with bail set at $175,000. The officer involved in the accident has been separated from his position and is on administrative duty.

In a separate incident, a family’s home was severely affected by a fire, and they are seeking help to recover some of what they lost as they did not have fire insurance. Experts emphasize the importance of having adequate insurance and provide tips to prevent fires.

Additionally, in Kinney County, after a chase, the car of an alleged immigrant smuggler caught fire when a fire started in the vehicle’s engine. At least five suspected immigrants were arrested, while one more immigrant and the driver managed to escape by running after abandoning the burning car. The chase occurred on Highway 674, reaching speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. The car could not withstand the pressure and caught fire, reaching the gasoline tank and a portion of dry grass in the area. The driver of the car was allegedly a ‘coyote’ who attempted to evade the traffic stop, causing the chase. Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire.

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