Police Bust Motorcycle Theft Ring; 140+ Robberies Solved


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The New York police reported yesterday afternoon that they dismantled a network of alleged thieves who were traveling the streets on scooters to snatch wallets and phones from pedestrians. In total, seven people were arrested and it was revealed that several of them arrived in the city a few months ago. The gang has 147 victims, although the number could be higher. The gang mainly targeted women from whom they snatched their bags and phones from their hands.

Yesterday morning the officers searched a house in the Bronx where they arrested several of them. Police identified the gang members as Roxanna Sahos, 24, Alexander Dayker, 20; Cleyber Andrade, 20 years old, and Juan Uzcategui, 23 years old. The alleged leader of the group, identified as Víctor Parra, is still a fugitive.

The gang of motorcycle thieves operated by knocking down pedestrians and snatching their belongings. In a video captured by a security camera, a suspect on a motorcycle knocks down a woman who was walking in the Sheepshead Bay area in Brooklyn. The thieves snatched her bag where he carried his phone, credit cards, glasses and $60 in cash. The police detailed that the suspects handed the phones to Parra, who gave them to hackers who accessed people’s bank applications and withdrew funds or made online purchases. In addition, the stolen devices were sent to Colombia to be resold. The authorities managed to recover 22 stolen phones in the search.

Commissioner Edward Caban, pointed out that these individuals of Hispanic origin do not represent the community immigrant. “In recent months there has been a wave of immigrants that has arrived in the City, but by no means do these individuals represent the vast number of people who come to New York in search of a better life,” he said. Parra is wanted by the authorities.

In an apartment in Queens, authorities found homemade explosives, assault rifles, pistols, bulletproof vests, anarchist propaganda and even a radio with the signal of a barracks. A handwritten note entitled “targets to attack” was also found at the site, which included police officers, judges, politicians, among others. The police operation, where the confiscation of weapons and arrests took place, was recorded on the 17 from January. The brothers, Andrew and Angelo Hatziagelis, were placed under arrest and now face 130 charges related to criminal possession of weapons. Among them 47 counts of possession of a weapon, eight of reckless endangerment in the second degree and 15 counts of manufacturing and transporting weapons. Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz stated that the investigation took more than 6 months. Finally, the agents arrived at the apartment located on 36th Avenue in the Astoria area. Inside the apartment they found a batch of 8 ghost weapons, made with a 3D printer, including an AK.47 assault rifle. In addition, they confiscated homemade explosives, smoke bombs and 600 bullets. They also confiscated the printer with which the plastic weapons were made. On the page of a notebook, written by hand, they also found a note titled “targets to attack”, among which it reads: police, judges, politicians, celebrities and bankers. The latter were described as “scum.” The brothers will go to court on February 15 and face a sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

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