Police: 5 Dead in New York Home Stabbing


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A tragic incident occurred in Queens, New York, when a stabbing in a home left five people dead. The NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey held a press conference at Jamaica Hospital to provide details about the incident. According to Maddrey, officers received a 911 call at around 5:10 a.m. reporting an “assault in progress.” The caller, a young female, stated that her cousin was killing her family members.

Two officers, a 28-year veteran and a 16-year veteran of the force, responded to the scene and encountered 38-year-old Courtney Gordon. As they approached the driveway, they saw a male walking out of the home carrying luggage. The officers asked the male a few questions, and within 10 seconds, the male drew a knife and attacked the officers. One officer was stabbed in the neck/chest area, and the second officer was struck in the head. The 28-year veteran officer was able to draw his firearm and discharge his weapon to stop the assault. Both officers and Gordon were taken to a local hospital, but Gordon was pronounced dead on arrival.

Upon further investigation, an 11-year-old girl was found lying at the front of the home, having died from her injuries. The officers were unable to enter the home due to a fire inside the living room and foyer area. Once the New York Fire Department arrived and put out the fire, another person from the home was moved to a local area hospital. Inside the home, three more victims were found dead.

According to Maddrey, all the family members who died were victims of stab wounds. The police chief emphasized that an investigation remains ongoing and noted that the knife used to injure the officers was the only weapon recovered at the scene. NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny revealed that Gordon was visiting family at the home and had one prior arrest for a domestic violence incident in the Bronx. The motive behind Gordon’s actions remains unknown, but authorities are interviewing the 911 caller to gather more information.

The identities of the victims were not released, but Kenny mentioned that the injured individual at the hospital is a 61-year-old female. The three deceased individuals found inside the home include a 44-year-old female, a 12-year-old boy, and a male in his 30s. Kenny also provided an update on the officers, stating that they were doing “all right” following the incident and commended them for doing an “excellent job.”

The tragic incident has left the community in shock, and authorities are working diligently to uncover more details about the events that led to the deaths of five individuals. The investigation is ongoing, and the authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward. The community is coming together to support the families affected by this devastating loss, and efforts are being made to provide resources and assistance to those in need. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of coming together as a community during difficult times and offering support to those who have been impacted by tragedy.

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