Poland Requests Permission to Send Leopard Tanks to Ukraine

Poland demands consent from Germany to send tanks Leopard to Ukraine

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has urged Germany to give its express permission for the export of German-made tanks “Leopard” to Ukraine.

In statements to the Polish press, Morawiecki reiterated that if the consent isn’t obtained, Poland and other countries would deliver their tanks. He added that he was in favor of forming an international alliance to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine, even without the German participation.

“We are constantly putting pressure on the Berlin government to make their ‘Leopards’ available (for export),” Morawiecki emphasized, adding that the Germans “have more than 350 operational “Leopards” and about 200 in storage.

Poland meanwhile announced its intention to send a company of these “Leopard” tanks to Ukraine, however, given their German-made, the express permission from Berlin is a required prior condition.

Germany has been reluctant to send its own weapons despite international criticism, although it recently indicated willingness to authorize it if requested.

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