Pokémon GO: Giovanni and Dark Registeel to Return in February 2023

Giovanni and Dark Registeel Returns to Pokémon GO in February 2023

Team GO Rocket Takeover Event for February 2023 is about to start in Pokémon GO. The event will start from February 1, 00:00h (local time) and will be ending on February 5, 23:59h (local time).

The leader of Team GO Rocket, Giovanni, is coming with an updated team of Dark Pokémon, headed by Dark Registeel which players can capture and purify. Along with that, a new Special Research will be available for the duration of the event. Players can also avail bonuses like Team GO Rocket members appearing more frequently in Pokéstops and balloons.

Shadow Pokémon available for capture during the event are Alolan Dark Vulpix, Dark Spoink, Dark Blitzle, and Dark Joltik. 12km Eggs will be hatching Larvitar, Absol, Skorupi, Sandile, Scraggy, Pawniard, Vullaby, Deino, Pancham, Skrelp, and Salandit which might be Shiny or Variocolour.

Players can get their hands on Special Radar Rocket by advancing in the Special Research, which is attributed to meeting Giovanni and face him. Team GO Rocket will also provide a Field Research Task that will reward Mysterious Component which can be used to assemble Radar Rocket.

So get ready to join the adventure and face off the evil Giovanni in Team GO Rocket Takeover Event for February 2023 in Pokémon GO.

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