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Pokémon GO: Crackling Voltage Event Dates, Times, Wild Pokémon and Raids

Pokémon GO: Crackling Voltage Event Dates, Times, Wild Pokémon and Raids

Crackling Voltage Event in Pokemon GO: Dates, Times and Features!
The much-awaited Crackling Voltage Event in Pokemon GO kicks off on January 27th, 2023, running until February 5th, 2023 at 11:00 pm (local time). All players can participate in the event for free!

Wild Pokemon available during the event include Ekans (possibly Shiny/Shiny), Magnemite (possibly Shiny/Variocolor), Grimer (possibly Shiny/Variocolor), Electrike (possibly Shiny/Variocolor), Stunky, Blitzle (possibly Shiny/Variocolor), Ferroseed (possibly Shiny/Variocolor), Helioptile (Shiny/Shiny chance), Grubbin, Beldum (Shiny/Shiny chance), Dedenne (Shiny/Shiny chance).

Different Raids are also available in the game with 1-Star Raids including Alolan Grimer (chance to be Shiny/Shiny), Shinx (chance to be Shiny/Shiny), Bronzor (chance to be Shiny/Shiny) , Klink (Chances Shiny/Shiny) and Helioptile (Chances Shiny/Shiny). 3-Star Raids include Venomoth, Galar Weezing (Chances Shiny/Shiny), Jolteon and Mawile (Chances Shiny/Shiny).4-Star Raids/Mega Raids include Mega Gengar (Chances Shiny/Shiny) and Mega Aerodactyl (Chances Shiny/Shiny). Lastly, 5-Star Raids feature Tapu Koko (possibly Shiny/Shiny) and Registeel (possibly Shiny/Shiny).

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Besides, the event features Egg hatching with 7km hatching featuring Alolan Sandshrew (Chances Shiny/Shiny), Skarmory (Chances Shiny/Shiny), Blitzle (Chances Shiny/Shiny), Stunfisk, Galar Stunfisk (Chances Shiny/Variocolor), Helioptile (Possibly Shiny/Variocolor), and Dedenne (Possibly Shiny/Variocolor)

Lastly, Pocket Monsters can also be obtained by completing Field Research Tasks such as Voltorb (chance to be Shiny/Variocolor), Hisui’s Voltorb, Plusle (chance to Shiny/Variocolor), Minun (chance to Shiny/Variocolor), Emolga and Helioptile (chance to Shiny/Variocolor).

The Crackling Voltage Event in Pokemon GO brings plenty of exciting opportunities for gamers to explore, collect and challenge. Hopefully, this guide gives you a great overview of what to expect during the event.

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